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To Ignite Your Life?


Hi! I'm Taryn Laakso,

Your Coach and Guide on this exciting transformational journey…

I believe deeply in the power of coaching, and have seen its immense positive impacts in my own personal and professional life. I have taken this journey myself and have conquered numerous personal obstacles with courage and determination along with a fierce passion for overcoming negative self-talk. I believe that I am uniquely suited as your guide and I am thrilled to share proven methods for intercepting and upgrading your mental operating system. I believe everyone deserves to have a life that is calm, flowing with ease, and grounded in deep inner confidence.

Together, we’ll take you to your personal summit so you can live on top of the world in your professional life and personal relationships...

Coaching can support you to…


Your life, relationships, effectiveness, and business


Your inner wisdom, courage, and creativity


Your leadership, messages, and actions

Are you ready to make meaningful, positive change in your life?

Do you feel…

  • Like you’ve lost your MOJO?
  • Disengaged, unsure, and aimless?
  • Like you are ‘faking’ it all the time?
  • That you spend all your time DOING & Going?
  • Like you can’t ever rest because you judge yourself for slacking off?
  • Alone and have to do everything by yourself?

Do you want to feel…

  • Inspired & excited about your life?
  • Like you have a clear direction?
  • Confident as a leader?
  • That you have more time in your life to do the things you love?
  • Like you have permission to rest and play?
  • Supported and connected?

The Coaching Relationship

As your coach, I will guide you toward finding the key that unlocks your highest potential.

Together, we will design an empowered relationship that evokes trust and allows you to drop into your true self. I offer a mix of empathy, honesty, compassion, vulnerability, playfulness, passion, and a big dose of courage sprinkled on top.  

I take a fierce stand for your vision, so that you can stay focused on what is most important to you. Your goals MATTER to ME. Your career MATTERS to ME.

You MATTER to Me!

Work With Me


I offer individual Coaching for High Achieving professionals who feel stuck, aimless, or whelmed (over or under), and their passion is at odds with their profession. I help them move up and out of stagnation and into the next chapter with clarity, confidence and purpose.

Business Consulting

I empower Coaches & Entrepreneurs looking to take their business to the next level through Consulting, Information Calls, Program Design Strategy Sessions, and Entrepreneur Coaching Biz Set Up. I also offer Workshops and Biz Dev Strategy calls for Positive Intelligence® coaches.

Mental Fitness Bootcamp

Designed like an exercise bootcamp, the Positive Intelligence® PQ Program gives you insights, motivation, and structure to establish habits that intercept negative thought patterns, and builds new positive patterns and ways of being.

Workshops & Retreats

I offer transformational experiences for groups that include day-long, weekend or week-long immersions. I also facilitate keynote presentations, virtual workshops, and trainings for individuals and coaches.

Your Life is Waiting…

Can you imagine your life if you could experience the following on an ongoing basis?


  • Gain clarity on who you are so you can be in a career or relationship that is aligned to your values and desires
  • Create a sense of ease and flow in your life so you can move away from the overwhelm
  • Discover what you’re passionate about so you can have financial freedom in a career you love
  • Learn to listen to a new language within yourself so you can stop being fluent in the negative self-talk
  • Build your confidence so you can get rid of the “I’m not Good Enough” thoughts and take risks in your career and desires
  • Reduce your stress so you can experience more joy in the life you have now
  • Creating your living instead of making your living in a career that is causing you worry and anxiety

If this sounds like what you’re longing for, then I’ve got you!

My longing is to help you ‘unlaak’ your potential and help you navigate towards the life YOU want which is guided by your inner wisdom, courage and brave heart.

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“I now have a higher level of awareness of the negative voices in my head and how to quiet them. I’m better at recognizing when they show up and I have a defense mechanism in place. I’m able to cut off the negative thoughts, accepting the 5% truth, and listening more to my sage so I can overcome unreasonable fears and continue moving forward to reach my goals.”

Carmel Ecker

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Mental Fitness Bootcamp 2021 Round 3 Kicks Off

Mental Fitness Bootcamp 2021 Round 3 Kicks Off

Date June 8, 2021Venue VirtualOrganizer Taryn LaaksoCategory Mental Fitness Bootcamp, Positive Intelligence

Summer Session: June 8 - July 27, 2021. Learn to navigate with Calm and Courage no matter what storms you encounter. Designed like an exercise Bootcamp, the Positive Intelligence ® PQ Program gives you the insights, motivation, and structure to practice 15 minutes per day for 8 weeks. The progra...

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The Positive Intelligence®

Mental Fitness Bootcamp

Next round kicks off June 8th 2021


Program Dates: June 8 -July 27, 2021

Meeting Days: Tuesday, 4:30-5:30 pm PT

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